Considering installing a renewable energy system?

Many planning authorities have introduced a requirement for
energy from renewable sources to be included in new
developments, following the groundbreaking ‘Merton Rule’.
Ecotag can investigate the feasibility and cost implications for a
variety of renewable energy options for a site and advise on the
best approach to meet the renewable energy targets.

If you need to install renewable energy then your first step is to
minimise your energy load by designing for energy efficiency. Energy
efficiency is generally more cost effective than installing renewable
energy systems. For advice on energy efficiency and renewable energy systems
contact Ecotag.

Are you based in a rural location without a mains gas supply? Biomass heating may be a solution for your energy needs and can be cost effective when compared to the running costs of oil. For a full feasibility survey and cost comparison report contact us.
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Biomass is generally plant matter, commonly from a waste wood source, such as wood chip from forestry waste. Burning biomass is carbon neutral because the carbon released is the same as the carbon used for the plant to grow and it is a renewable energy source. Contrary to the image of wood burning on a bonfire, modern biomass boilers are very efficient with virtually no smoke and very little ash remaining.

The East Midlands is a success story for biomass installations. Award winning Nottinghamshire County Council
have over 47 schools heated by biomass boilers as part of a programme to convert sites to woodheat. This programme has been supported by having local boiler manufacturers and suppliers. For more details visit our downloads page.

The East Midlands region has an abundant supply of forestry waste. The Biojoule wood pellet facility is also based in Nottinghamshire, producing 10,000 tonnes of pellets a year, from wood chip and locally grown Short Rotation Coppice.


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