Energy Performance Certificates

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) have been introduced
as part of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)
to encourage owners and tenants to choose energy efficient
buildings when seeking new accommodation and improve the
energy efficiency of the buildings they occupy.

EPC will apply to all buildings when they are sold, leased, constructed
or undergo major refurbishment, with only a few exceptions. For
commercial properties, the responsibility lies with the person letting or
selling an existing property, or with the developer in the case of new build.
EPC must be available when the property is marketed. For more information
on the requirements of commercial EPCs download our EPC summary sheet.

The EPC will show the ‘asset rating’ based on the energy performance of the building’s fabric and services, on an A - G rating. An advisory report with recommendations to improve the rating should also be included. EPCs are valid for 10 years and must be produced by an accredited energy assessor.
The Energy Performance Certificates are expected to have an affect on property value.

We specialise in providing EPCs for existing buildings up to levels 3 and 4. Examples of buildings that have been assessed by Ecotag can be found in our case studies.
If you fail to obtain an EPC, the penalty for non-compliance is from £500 to £5,000. Ecotag can provide an EPC from as little as £200. Please contact us for a quote or to discuss your requirements.
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