What is the EPBD and how will I be affected?

The EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) was
implemented in the UK to meet the January 2009 deadline. It is
intended to improve the energy efficiency of the building stock by
encouraging owners and tenants to choose energy efficient buildings
when seeking new accommodation and improve the energy
efficiency of the buildings they occupy.

Implementation so far has included:

   Tightening of Part L of the Building Regulations
   Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for dwellings on construction, sale or rent
   Provision of information on boiler efficiency
   Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for non-domestic buildings on construction,
    sale or rent
   Annual Display Energy Certificate (DEC) for public building over 1,000m2
   Inspection of air-conditioning systems over 250kW

The EPBD is being recast to tighten up and clarify the existing document. It is to be implemented from 2010-2012. Changes are likely to include removing the 1,000m2 limit for buildings being refurbished and lowering the 1,000m2 threshold for DECs to 250m2. Check out our news page for further updates.

EPC for non-dwellings
DEC for public
Air-conditioning inspections
EPBD (deadline Jan 2009)
EPC for
Part L
on boilers
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You may be the person responsible for buying, selling, leasing, refurbishing or have financial control of the properties in your company. Alternatively you may have clients who sell or lease properties through you and are unaware of the new and impending energy performance legislation.

Ecotag can provide guidance on the legislative requirements and evaluate your building stock to determine the extent of assessment work required. Please contact us for more information.
Email: judy@ecotag.eu

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