Display Energy Certificates for Public Buildings

Display Energy Certificates (DEC) are being introduced as
part of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)
to raise awareness of building energy consumption for staff and
the general public and encourage the take up of energy efficiency

DECs apply to buildings over 1,000m2 which are used by
publicly funded bodies and frequently visited by the public. Examples are
schools, hospitals and public leisure centres. For a full definition
download our DEC summary sheet.

The DEC shows the ‘operational rating’ of a building on an A to G scale and should be renewed annually. The operational rating is based on the actual energy consumption data for the previous year, and compared with benchmarks for similar buildings. An
advisory report with recommendations to improve the rating must also be obtained.

The penalty for not clearly displaying a DEC in a public building is £500 and a further £1,000 for not having a valid advisory report. Don’t get caught out - contact us now for advice and a free quote.

Ecotag provide accredited DEC’s and an advisory report of recommendations for improvements. We guarantee to visit all buildings for their first certificate (see why here). We supply certificates direct to site, printed on recycled paper, and provide a central database of results where there are multiple properties. This is all included in our price.
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