Real Buildings

Derbyshire Mental Health Trust

Derbyshire Mental Health Trust occupy the upper floors of St. James House in Derby and as a public body are required to display a DEC for their part of the building. The building is heated and cooled using an air-source heat pump, which is separately
metered by the landlord.

Whilst investigating the energy consumption for the DEC, Ecotag discovered that the maximum demand capacity on the bills was far higher than required. Subsequent negotiations with the landlord and energy supplier have provided a potential saving of over £4,000 a year on the electricity bill for the building.

DEC for West Bridgford School

                                                                  The West Bridgford School is a secondary
                                                                  school made up of several buildings of
                                                                  different ages. The main school block is a
                                                                  1930ís building with oil-fired heating,
                                                                  (shown in yellow) whilst some of the
                                                                  newer buildings are heated by gas (blue),
                                                                  electricity (pink) and biomass (green).
                                                                  Though it would have been simplest to
                                                                  create one DEC for the whole site, a
                                                                  better result was obtained by looking at
                                                                  the detail.

There were two buildings which were over 1,000
m2, the main school and the pool and theatre block. The pool block was further divided into areas, such as swimming pool, classrooms and theatre, to make a composite benchmark, which more accurately represented the activities in the building, rather than benchmarking it as a secondary school. This attention to detail for a building which was solely heated by renewable fuel led to achieving the UKs first A rated DEC.

18 High Street in Nottingham

This is a typical high street shop unit. It was built
in 1904 with a separate shop unit below and flat
above, and has since been modified to connect
the shop to offices and staff areas above.

The building was constructed before the
introduction of building regulations, so the
building fabric has poor thermal properties.
The owner has improved the building with a high
efficiency gas condensing boiler upstairs,
efficient lighting and internal insulation on the
ground floor.

The main recommendations to improve the
energy efficiency of the building would be to
replace the electric storage heaters on the
ground floor. Electricity has a higher carbon ratio
than gas, so creates more carbon emissions per
unit of energy used. Additionally the large display window on the ground floor could be
replaced for double glazing to reduce the heat loss. Access to the roof space is awkward but using a blown insulation may be a viable option. The Energy Savings Trust provide information on products and suppliers for this size premises.

The building currently achieved an Energy Performance rating of D. If the owner invests in replacing the electric heating on the ground floor for an efficient gas central heating system the energy rating could be improved to a C.

Candleby Lane Primary School

It was built in 2007 to replace 3 separate school buildings and provide a modern and flexible teaching facility. Itís biggest attraction is Ďthe heartí a double height open mixed use area, which creates a communal multi-purpose zone at the centre of the school.

As a public building the school will require a DEC by 1st October. Normally these are based on the energy consumption data over the last 12 month period, however as a newly built school this data is not available and the DEC will be based on the EPC rating for the first year. Candleby Lane School achieved a B rating for its EPC.
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