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eco tag - Accredited Commercial Energy Assessors
Our commitment

Ecotag is a small business, committed to acting in a
sustainable manner to carry out energy assessments
and assist our clients in reducing their energy consumption.

Our aim is to provide more than just an energy label, with
specific energy efficient recommendations, advice on energy
bills and help with implementing improvements.

Reducing carbon emissions is a priority for us and our biggest impact is
through the support we give our customers. Here’s how…

1) We provide more than just an energy certificate. We advise on which buildings will
    need energy certificates, make sure clients understand how the certificates work and
    what they mean, and advise them on which efficiency improvements will have the
    biggest impact financially and on their energy rating.
2) We guarantee to visit all buildings to provide detailed site-specific recommendations
    as we don’t believe that standard computer-generated recommendations provide the
    best value for our clients. This is all included in our price.
3) To encourage the uptake of EPC recommendations we provide FREE re-certification
    for any building where our recommendations are implemented within 6 months of the
    initial assessment (terms and conditions apply).
4) If you send us your energy bills when we evaluate your DEC, then we will check you
    aren’t being over-charged. If you have lots of estimates on your bills we will take a
    meter reading on site where possible to get accurate information.
5) Ecotag can provide additional support work including analysis of paybacks, detailed
    feasibility assessments or employee awareness raising.

Our ‘Environmentally Responsible’ statement includes actions to…

                                                                      Minimise waste:-

                                                                         ·   by using electronic media and
                                                                             communications wherever possible
                                                                         ·   succinct reports, without wasting
                                                                             pages on what you already know
                                                                         ·   double-sided printing
                                                                         ·   a purchasing strategy for long-life,
                                                                             adaptable or re-usable products


                                                                         ·   recycle all office waste, from paper
                                                                             to PCs
                                                                         ·   utilise recycled materials for all
                                                                             paper products including energy

   ·   maximising logistics to minimise travel emissions and wasted time
   ·   home-based staff and local offices are our policy to eliminate commuting
   ·   same mileage allowance paid for walking and cycling as for driving


   ·   flexible working for happy motivated staff
   ·   support of ‘Community time’ for all staff to give something back to the local

We work sustainably for the future of our company, clients, community and planet.


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